29 Weeks – Today is a Small Miracle

It’s a little difficult to write this post, because I haven’t fully digested what I want to update you all on.

But I want to write it out, so here goes.

A week ago, I woke up with some pain in my stomach and back. I didn’t think much of it, but it worsened as the day went on, so I called my doctor. She told me to go straight to Labor and Delivery. We spent the next few days in and out of L&D, trying to stop and slow down what turned out to be pre-term labor. It was difficult to hear the news that I was having contractions so early in my pregnancy, and so close together. On Wednesday, they were two minutes apart. That was scary. However, we really did stay calm, knowing that panicking wouldn’t do any good – it would just make my contractions stronger. I was given a shot to stop the contractions at the hospital, and then given medicine to regulate the contractions at home. Praise God, we found one that worked. During my hospital visits, I was also given steroid shots to develop and mature the baby’s lungs in case she makes her appearance early. When they told me that’s what the steroids were for, it became a reality that our baby could come at any time. And at 28 weeks, I was scared for our baby’s life.

Baby is doing well so far, so we are thankful for that. She scared us a few times with an irregular heart beat during the stress tests, but the doctors and nurses are saying that she is doing great.

It has been a difficult week, to say the least, but we have had an overwhelming sense of calm throughout. I believe this can only be attributed to the fact that we know the Lord is in absolute control. This baby is His.

At this point, we are taking it one day at a time. Every morning I wake and thank God that she is still cooking and hasn’t made her appearance yet. Every day counts. And today, at 29 weeks gestation, marks a small miracle on this journey. My pregnancy is considered high risk, and I have been placed on strict bed rest. That means laying down as much as possible, no cooking, cleaning, driving, etc.. My focus is on taking my medicine on time, staying hydrated, breathing through contractions, and staying put as much as possible. Walking around or sitting up too long brings them on, so I’m being extra careful.

My mother came to town and has been waiting on me hand and foot. She’s such a big blessing. Mgo has been by my side at every moment, holding my hand through contractions or emotionally overwhelming moments. He’s seriously the most caring person I know. I’m so glad we are in this together! When he’s near, I feel stronger. I know we will get through this, as we have made it through so many of life’s challenges together!

Of course, I have my moments of fear, but God is so incredibly gracious. I know that even this difficult situation is a blessing – a good thing.

And I’m thankful for it. I’m thankful for the opportunity to grow in my faith, strengthen my marriage, and prepare for motherhood. My heart is overflowing with joy.

**I want to thank all who have called and left me messages. I’m still processing it all, so I apologize for not having returned phone calls yet. The medicine is hard on my body, so I don’t have much energy, but I am ever so thankful for the encouraging words and prayers sent our way. Thank you for loving us and caring for us. We are so incredibly blessed.


3 thoughts on “29 Weeks – Today is a Small Miracle

  1. Tamar, My heart and prayers are with you. This takes me back to my pregnancy with Kelsey. I too went into labor at 28 weeks. I still remember the nurse telling that remaining calm was so important as I bust into tears. I remained in the hospital overnight, the labor was stopped, and I was on medication and strict bed rest on my left side for the duration of my pregnancy. A shower a day was all I could manage. Jack took over duties with Greg (just under 1) and Kat (age 4). Kelsey arrived 3 weeks early – perfect and healthy. This is a difficult time for you and Mike but worth every minute. Remember – you will never have this much time to rest again, so relax and enjoy.
    Grace Chavoor


  2. You're an amazing testimony. It's been a blessing to watch you and Mgo grow together through different experience's but side by side. If you don't see it you are an amazing “Mgo” pastor's wife. You were both made for each other and so-journeying together. NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER STOP BELIEVING(Rocky said). Jesus knows this precious baby girl you are carrying, she is His!!! Tamar, you are a woman of God and are in Gods will/control. Thank you for being transparent in your blog's. I love you. If I can be of any help/service to you, DON'T HESITATE! God IS BLESSING you and Mgo! -Brandy


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