By writing this sentence, today I am meeting my goal of writing one new sentence a day.

We have entered the decorating stage of new home ownership. It’s quite exhilarating to be able to pick out furniture and paint colors that reflect our personality as a couple. It takes our minds off of our daily stresses. Yesterday we went to Home Depot and brought home a few sample paint colors. We also visited a pillow factory and brought home some fabrics to see which ones we want pillows made of. I have to say. It is a blessing to be married to a man who does not just sit back and watch as I make all of these decisions on my own. His product design background has cultivated in him a love for design. Even though we butt heads here and there, we respect each others taste and judgement. Putting our personal touches on the decor of the home really makes it feel like OUR home. It’s an amazing thing to wake up in this house every day. Each morning I have to remind and even convince myself that it is in fact ours.

Another big change in the house is our new addition: a puppy. Now let me tell you something you may not know about me. I am not a dog person. I never was. I’m still not. Mike has always wanted a dog. He’s been trying to convince me for years. We visited a few pounds in Fresno a few weeks ago just to see if I’d even be comfortable around dogs. The stench of urine killed me, let alone dozens of dogs staring at me with their sad eyes, begging us to take them home. I wasn’t convinced, until I met Milli, whose name was Avery at the time. She was running around in her kennel with her siblings until I approached them. She immediately came to the door and began jumping up and down. It was her ears. They slay me. I found myself trying to talk Mike into adopting her. Yeah. I know. I was the one trying to convince him to get a dog. Weird. We brought her home and she has brought a lot of life to our home. No matter what kind of day I have, when I come home, she’s happy to see me and follows me around the kitchen. She sits on my feet when I’m washing the dishes and cries when I’m not near her. She’s three months old, so she’s definitely a handful. House training seems to be going backwards these days.

Tiny Milli sitting on my feet while I wash dishes.

According to my physical therapist, Milli is good for my health. She keeps me active since she needs to go out so often. I’ve had to get up from my computer about three times while writing this post. The fact that I’m balancing couch time with going for five minute walks at least every hour is going to hopefully keep my pain down. So not only do I have Milli to keep me company while I’m at home during the day grading, writing, and doing chores, but she’s helping keep my pain at bay.

I’m hoping she will also be good for my writing. Many writers claim that having a dog or a cat helps you maintain productivity. Writing is a solitary occupation, so it’s hard to keep going back to the computer. It’s a bit lonely. Maybe Milli will be good company. The kind of company who lays next to me, quietly encouraging me with her presence. My cheerleader. When she’s finally house trained, of course.

Here’s hoping that change is good and that it will be an inspiration.


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