I have writer’s block. So I come to my blog to vent, and push myself out of this haze, if possible. My characters aren’t moving today. They’re waiting for me to do the work for them. That’s why I know I need to stop and let them be. I’ll give them a few hours to hash it out among themselves. I’ll pick up where they leave off.

We are approaching the end of October, and I try not to think about the fact that I only have a few more months to carry my thesis to completion. What’s hard about a creative thesis is that you have to force your mind to be motivated on days that there is just no creative output. I have just written the first five pages of a new story, and I stopped typing mid conversation. I left my characters in the kitchen, sitting at the glass-top table, eating their tuna melts, and sipping their iced tea. They’re waiting for me, but I think I’ll just let them finish eating…

I think it’s a good time as ever to get up off my chair and forget that I’m a writer for a while…I could clean, take a walk in the rain, read…

I think I’ll stick to reading…It’s my fuel.


3 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Hi Tamar! I thought I posted a comment yesterday, but maybe it didn't work. Anyway, I love: “They're waiting for me, but I think I'll just let them finish eating…” I hope this story came together for you!


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